Featured Seller: withremote

If you know me at all, you know I LOVE unique things, I love finding things that make me smile, and I LOVE color!! Nate give us all these things in his shop!!

Artist Bio:
I am almost 30, I’ve been screen printing for 7 years, and I’m having a blast doing it!

I started Withremote in 2002 while working on my senior thesis at the College of Visual Arts in St. Paul, MN on “Graffiti as a form of Graph Design”. Back then most of my work was photocopies and stencils (I think I lost a lot of brain cells back then from spray paint). I built up a screen printing studio in St. Paul over a few months in 2005 to start creating rock posters and art prints. I try and make at least one print run a week depending on my schedule. Generally I try and create a different style for each print I make. Usually my prints come out of whatever I’m doing that week or something that I saw/heard that I want to make a print in response to. A few times I have had people ask me how many people work in my studio to make this much work. I say “just me”.
Through the use of screen printing I create art prints and other items that are a response to the world around me.


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Buy Handmade

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