Featured Seller: LiftedIndustries

I LOVE LOVE LOVE the classic vintage items in this shop!! Yes it’s another chat find.. I realized that sellers become my favorites not just because of their shop, but because of who is behind the shop. This is just another example of a GREAT person behind a GREAT etsy shop! Chelsea’s prints are so captivating and fun they make you wish you were there, she really does have a great eye!!

Artist Bio:
‘m a 24 year old fashion-obsessed photographer living in Utah (?!) with my husband and our menagerie of pets.
I’ve been shooting for over 6 years, and have only in the last two decided to step into the professional photography world. Living in Southern Utah has made it a bit difficult to find the pieces I need to create the images that are in my mind…so I started making things myself. I have a small obsession with all things victorian/edwardian and I adore renaissance paintings. I also inherited far too much lace and fabric from my mom. The only solution? Make it into lovely collars, cuffs, and other accessories. I now have pieces to use for photoshoots, & I can share my style with the world (and Courtney Love!).
I also sketch, kayak, drink looooads of tea, and play in a band with my husband – Minor Birds.
All my pieces are completely stitched by hand, and all my prints come in practically any size!


Buy Handmade


Buy Handmade

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