Featured Seller: PinkAWink

This isn’t an Etsy chat find.. I didn’t have to go very far to find this seller.. I have MANY of her beautiful pieces too. This is where I believe I get a LARGE chunk of my creativity.. it’s in the genes people!! Yes PinkAWink is my mom! She’s AWESOME and has a brilliant eye for color.

Artist Bio:
I was fascinated with beads as a kid. Approximately 21 years ago, I decided I could take on the challenge. I went to a bead store and bought everything necessary to make traditional Indian earrings and a book with instructions. I sat down and taught myself how to bead. The concept wasn’t hard, but perfecting the technique, well now that’s another story, as they say practice makes perfect. Some of my work has been published in a book, “Dancing Light”. I make Mother’s bracelets, wedding sets…. if you can dream it I can make it.

Handcrafted jewelry is something to cherish. There is so much work from the heart that goes into each item it becomes a part of us. That’s why it’s so hard for a true jewelry artisan to part with his or her creations. Joann


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