Featured Seller: FlowerLeaf

I met this artist in Etsy chat… yes I LOVE Etsy Chat! With my husband being out of town for work, it’s a great outlet to chat with other artistic creative people.
When I saw Jocelyn’s store FlowerLeaf the first time, I couldn’t leave.. the colors she uses are amazing, she has a wonderful eye for the unique and has gorgeous jewelry! She also has one of the beautiful pieces I want for my birthday! LOL I’ve been hinting at something in her shop! To take a look and be amazed like I am!!!

Artist Bio:
I am a fine artist who loves to paint, draw, and photograph on occasion as well. I have been singing for as long as I can remember and for me, music plays such a huge part when creating art. I also happen to LOVE jewelry and making jewelry on a more consistent level is very new to me. I am so amazed by nature and I find myself always being in awe of how color and light react with one another, so I usually use that as inspiration for pretty much everything I create. Once I find something I truly love, I stick with it and try my best to make things as I have imagined them to be.


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Buy Handmade

2 thoughts on “Featured Seller: FlowerLeaf

  1. This is so nice and awesome of your to feauture artists from Etsy on your blog and I am honored to be one of them! Thanks so much and I hope you get what you want for your upcoming birthday! 😉


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