So What if You Fail??

I have failed more times then I can count…. I’m not talking failing a test at school either. I have failed at this thing we call life. Then again so has everyone at one point or another right?? In the past weeks we have had a series called Fail at church. The bottom line is “Your life isn’t futile, and your failures aren’t fatal” You can always return home to those who love you. You can always pick yourself back up and keep going. Forgive yourself, let others forgive you, and be thankful that God is always there to forgive you…. NO MATTER WHAT!

The lessons learned in my failings, have made me the person I am today. I am proud of what I have overcome and accomplished. I would fall flat on my face time and time again to end up in the place I am now. I’m at peace with my failings, I’m grateful for my failings, and I expect to fail again. So what if we fail?? We live and learn. And that is the glorious journey we are all on.


2 thoughts on “So What if You Fail??

  1. I love that video, it really tells the story that you can never place the brand of failure on anyone. If you look at all the major figures in the Bible not a one of them didn't have a major failure or personality flaw, yet God chose to use them anyway.


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