It’s all about the Branding!!

When you see hear the term “Golden Arches” what do you think of???? McDonalds of course!!

Why is that??? Branding. They have that logo on EVERYTHING they do!! Even their McGriddles have the Arches in them!

If you hear about Target what image pops into your mind??? That red and white bulls eye!

You are probably thinking that it has NOTHING to do with your little Etsy shop… WRONG.

Etsy Seller EnchantedMemories has this to say about Branding:

“Branding is important for any business no matter the size. It helps create a professional appearance that creates buyer confidence. Branding can also be beneficial to your sales in it creating a recognizable brand for your products.”

So when your business card matches your logo, and your return labels match your banner, and your blog ties it all together… when people see those images, they think of you!

Pre-Made Owl Banner By EnchantedMemories

Think of it this way…

You get a purchase… you nicely package it up, stick a few cards in it, and send it on to it’s new home..

When they get it, do they see a card that matches your banner?? So when they come across it again they instantly remember your shop??


Do they get it, come across the card later, and think.. what was that shop again?? I know I got an awesome product from it, but what else was there??

Branding is SO very important…I can’t stress it enough… branding will bring repeat buyers!!

I really love Barbie at EnchantedMemories… she makes cute yet professional all in one branding sets, and she also does custom orders. I think I really like her because she is a mom like me!!

Here is a little bit about her in her own words:

“I am married with three small kids. I am always drawing, either sketching an idea I have, drawing something for my kids to color or doodling on the corners of paper while on the phone. I love that 99.9% of my orders are completely custom becuase I love being challenged to create new things that I have never drawn. I believe that art is a very important part of life and think that children should always be encouraged to be creative.”

In short, branding to Etsy is to Location and Real Estate!!!
*post from http://handmadespark.com written by me


3 thoughts on “It’s all about the Branding!!

  1. Hi Becky- Found you on Real Life Moms. I'm GFC follower and I Like Purdy things on FB. Have a great day and stop by Knowlton Nest sometime (www.jsknowlton.blogspot.com)


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