I heart Faces

When I saw that this weeks challenge was barefoot, I knew I had to enter this photo!!! My daughter LOVES being barefoot, and I love this picture of her!! What is even better about this week having a barefoot theme is that it is for a great cause.


 We have the privilege to decide when and if we want to be barefoot, and sadly MANY people don’t. How many pair of shoes do you have that you haven’t worn in FOREVER?? Could you part with them?? While at church a few years ago we were challenged to do more then get rid of the ratty old shoes we don’t wear anymore, we were challenged to give the shoes right off our feet. Tim and I met that challenge, and then ran our errands and such the rest of the day barefoot… we got some weird looks, and when we explained why we got even weirder looks, and then we would run into people who were also barefoot and with a knowing smile we would not at each other, knowing that we gave our “Sunday best” to those who don’t have any, that shoe drive at church over the next 3 weeks raised over 30,000 pairs of shoes… since then I don’t just give old shoes to the Goodwill, I give them to shelters. It’s a good way to give back!


8 thoughts on “I heart Faces

  1. I want to do this! As a matter of fact, I WILL do this! that is awesome, and the picture of your daughter is beautiful.We donate to the local women's domestic violence shelters as often as possible. I can't wait to collect shoes to donate! So fun 🙂


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