{giving} Back ~ Redemption Rings

So today I’m randomly looking through Etsy, like I usually do and I cam across these, and my eyes literally welled up with tears. I love seeing the Lord working through others.  As Christians we are called to be an example of God’s love and to NOT turn a blind eye to injustice, and these people are shedding light on a problem that is so easy for society to ignore.
I don’t have the exact words to describe what amazing things these rings do to help human trafficking… so I’m going to copy their description and let their words speak for themselves:
“Psalm 72:14 “He will redeem them from oppression and violence, for their lives are precious to him.”
Redemptions Rings were and idea that came out of my interest in working to bring young girls out of human trafficking rings here in Arizona and around the world. I started thinking about the word “ring” as I was wearing a wire ring a friend had made for me and how much it caused me to think of these girls trapped in this life. Here is this beautiful girl, trapped in this wire cage.
Then came the idea of Redemption Rings! What a beautiful picture to paint of these girls being “Redeemed” vs “Trafficked”. I started making these rings to sell to raise money and awareness for my upcoming trafficking trip to Thailand. 🙂
Our premise for the rings is buy one, give one. Eveytime you buy a Redemption Ring we give one to a girl being trafficked to share the Redemption story either here in AZ or in another country through other organization / ministry contacts.
Now you can order your own Redemption Ring to wear as a reminder to pray for these girls trapped in these vicious cycles and that they would be Redeemed!

The pics above are from my recent trip to Thailand and girls we gave rings to – read more about it here – www.razzlefrazzled.blogspot.com
Thank you So much for your support!”
WOW… if that isn’t inspiring I don’t know what is!!!!! I will be getting the ring sizes of my loved ones and buying quite a few of these!!!

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