About a {boy} named Drew

So it was a Monday like any other Monday April 2nd. I was getting the kids ready for school, waking them up, making sure they get ready etc…. as we get the older ones ready to go out the door. I realize that 14 yr old Drew isn’t with them, I go in his room to find out why, and he’s still sleeping, he doesn’t want to wake up, I get after him for the usual you don’t get to decide if you go to school or not, I do…but he still just can’t seem to open his eyes.  I can’t figure out why he’s so tired, he had gone to sleep early the night before… a couple hours later I finally got him awake, when he went to stand up he couldn’t he was so dizzy he couldn’t sit stand or walk un-assisted. Took him to the ER, where they didn’t do much much tell us to see an Endocrinologist to find out why he’s so dizzy.
By Friday we took him to a pediatric ER where they admitted him for a night.. but did NOTHING for him, sent him home with no answers and no help…. so almost 2 weeks after this all started and he was STILL unable to sit, stand or walk un-assisted, and after we took him to the endocrinologist (who said that he didn’t have to see an endocrinologist it was either a  cardiology or neurology need)  we took him to Phoenix Children’s Hospital. Where we saw at least a dozen drs. No exaggeration. They are convinced it’s a neurological problem… but what kind well that is still a mystery.  Is it vertigo?? Is it inner ears?? Is it Cerebral?? Is it in the spinal cord??
As a mother all these questions with no answers are killing me… I’ve hit my stress limit more than once where I’ve broken down in tears. I’ve felt beyond helpless, I’ve felt beaten down, broken, I have asked the Lord why, I’ve asked the Lords help and then taken the burden back not giving him all my trust. I’ve been grumpy, and moody. And in all this Drew has been happy and laughing and maintained a pretty darn good spirit. Which has baffled me… how?? It’s happening to him how is HE not feeling like this too… don’t get me wrong I’m so glad he’s not, but wow. So after coming home from yet another Dr’s appointment where he was poked and prodded with needles etc, I asked him just HOW he’s kept such a great attitude here was his reply:
“its just one of those challenges of life that you go through and you
have to make sure you keep the Lord with you or you can’t get through it. If I
loose hope joy or faith then I loose the challenge. “
Drew, age 14
he inspires me. 
I will continue to update on Drew’s Mysterious Medical Journey as we know more. 

6 thoughts on “About a {boy} named Drew

  1. How tough for him but thank goodness he has such a positive outlook. I'm sorry for everything that he (and your family) have been going through. Continuing to send prayers for answers and some virtual hugs!!BTW, what a handsome little man he turned out to be from when we last say you guys 🙂


  2. Praying for your Drew!! I'm sorry you're all going through this and yet I know God has amazing things planned through these trials. I mean, look what Drew is already doing for so many people. He is a 14 year old boy who is inspiring people to trust in the Lord and wait for His timing. You'll always be in our prayers Dosseys!!!!


  3. Take it from me Drew constant doctor visits can get fusterating but all you need is that one doctor who comes in the room and says, “I can fix this ” and trust me when I say it will be sooner than later sweetie. One day I will share my story with you but for tonight just know you are dearly loved and you have all 4 Boyd's praying for you!


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