Being a {girl} is fun!! Pinterest Nail Fun!

So my daughters and I have a pinterest obesession.. we {LOVE} to look up nail art and hair styles… and we try them out too!! I’m going to start posting how we do with our interpretations of these awesome pins!! 
Here is what my nails look like!! I used teal instead of pink, and moved the design to my pointer finger… but I just love how it came out and received lots of compliments!! It was super easy to do with a nail pen! 

There isn’t instructions for how to do this.. so here is how I did it, I used the color {Concrete Evidence} from Ulta, and the while and teal design pens from Sally Hansen. I painted two coats of the grey first, waited till they were 100% dry, then using the pen painted the stripes, once they were dry (which was super fast) I drew a heart and colored it in) super easy… if you need guides you can use nail tape that you can get at any Sally’s or other beauty supply.

Here is the pin we saw on pinterest, and when you follow the link to Katrina’s Nail Blog you will find many more style and lots of nail inspiration:  
Are you going to try this?? What colors are you going to use?? I would love to read all about it!! 


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