About a {boy} named Drew: No Wheelchair Can Stop Me

Last Monday started like any other Monday.. Amber and I dropped Ryan and Chey off at the church office for summer camp… then went home to get Drew for his dental check up… pretty normal right?? Well it was… 
Drew goes from his wheelchair to the Exray chair at the dentists, they go to take his blood pressure and it’s 68/50 sooooo they do a cleaning, while I call the nuerologist, and ask what they would like me to do… 
 We end up at the emergency room in Phoenix Children’s Hospital. Luckily it was just an episode, and they sent him home…
So that Saturday we did what we do every first and third Saturday of the month… we served at the food mission our church hosts.  We got our official name badges and Drew was pretty proud to get his because he loves to serve and he loves to show Gods love by giving of his time and self to others… no wheelchair can stop him!! 

I am so proud of him… he really hasn’t let the chair stop him. He goes to church with us every Sunday, and loves to go out, he’s ready to face his freshman year in the chair if he’s still in it {though we keep praying that he’s not} 

  • Yesterday on the 18th of June we had a regular eye appointment, and the Dr dialated Drews eyes and found scarring in the Chortoid and Retina of his eyes… so the office made an appointment on the 5th of July with a Retina Specialist to get it checked out. This just might be the clue we needed!!! 
  • We have an appointment on the 12th of July with an immunologist to check for autoimmune disorders. 
  • While we were at the ER we were made much more comfortable about Drew’s neurologist’s desire to get us into the Mayo Clinic here in Scottsdale, so we are much more hopeful about the possibility that we might get to go there. 
 Again thank you all so much for reading these and for your continued prayers, and for sharing these posts!! Our family loves the comments, and Drew really appreciates the words of encouragement!! 


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