{Caged} Why Bird Cages Inspire Me

I’m asked often what bird cages have to do with crochet. Or why I love bird cages so much. So I’m going to give you my story. Then my goal once a week is to talk about the things that cage us in, and how with the Lord we are set free from our cages.
Let me start here… my name is Becky and I have bouts of depression. There I said it… it’s not something I like to talk about at all… {EVER} Many who know me think of me as a happy person who is filled with joy. Most of the time I am. {BUT} I have some horrible days too. The peace in those is that the Lord is there with me in those too.
So you might be wondering what has caused this girl to be depressed?? I will go into all of my story as {Caged} goes on… but I will give some insight now as to why I am inspired by bird cages, and why the word caged means so much to me.  
I’ve found the best way to share this part of my life is to do it like a band aid… so please forgive me.
From the time I was 10-13 I was sexually abused by my stepfather and  oldest stepbrother. When given the choice, my mother chose to stay living with my stepfather, and allow the state to take her parental rights from her. I was VERY blessed to live with my grandparents, though at the time I didn’t see that. During this time, I tried to commit suicide.. well tried as well as a scared 13 yr old girl could.. once I took a steak knife and tried to slit my wrist… I didn’t get very deep it hurt too much but it left a scar. The next time I took some pills…my Papa looked at me and said “Don’t I love you enough?” that was it for me… I have {NEVER} had the desire to do that ever again. During that time, my cousin gave me a copy of “I Know Why The Caged Bird Sings” by  Maya Angelou  I read it and at once I identified with her. There my love of bird cages began. Fast Forward many years.. I went to a women’s event where the speaker was talking about the pain of our past. If we let it, it can cage us like birds. We are beautifully and wonderfully made, and yet we allow ourselves to be caged by our hurts, and scars, instead of living our life in the freedom of the spirit. Which is when I realized I’ve been looking at this all wrong… I’m not in the cage. I’m not meant to be singing from my cage, I’m meant to be free. There are so many things that cage us, and prevent us from living the life of complete freedom that the Lord has given us.. and my hope in this journey is to set us all free!
 I leave you today with this verse: 

Philippians 4:6-7

Never worry about anything. But in every situation let God know what you need in prayers and requests while giving thanks. Then God’s peace, which goes beyond anything we can imagine, will guard your thoughts and emotions through Christ Jesus.

9 thoughts on “{Caged} Why Bird Cages Inspire Me

  1. Oh Becky…… Bless your heart! What an amazing thing you have come through and what oh-so- beautiful creations you make with the wonderful gift God has given you!! What bravery it takes to put it all out there and I pray that this may be a form of therapy for you as your blog continues!! ❤


  2. Becky! I really appreciate you posting this! Many of us struggle with bad depression and its so amazing to see what a wonderful, strong, smart, beautiful woman God has given you the strength to be! You are loved. Your words are words that were needed to be heard from people like me 🙂 You rock my dear.


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