And Here I Go {Again}

Again, that is the part that is KILLING me. 
I saw this and it sums it up perfectly.. 

About 5 1/2 years ago I made a change in my life and I lost all my weight from having kids, I was the same size as I was in high school, I could go into any store and buy clothes and NOT worry about a muffin top or cellulite. I had worked my body into this lean healthy machine… 
Then I tore my miniscus disk, and I was off my leg for 5 months.. I would have a burger here and there, and talked myself into believing that even though I wasn’t able to workout, I could eat whatever I wanted, when  I was given the green light to exorcize, I didn’t really change my food and getting back in the habit just didn’t happen, I had other things that I made a priority. 
Here I am 5 years later, and I’m right back to where I was… and the fact that I’ve been here before and I SWORE I would never be back hurts.I know EXACTLY how to prevent this, and how to loose it, and yet I’m doing nothing?? OUCH.  Honestly it’s that hurt that then fuels the emotional eating, and then I sit and feel sorry for myself, and then nothing gets done about it. What a vicious cycle I’m on. If you have read this blog before, I suffer from depression and anxiety which can reallly take it’s toll on me. And I know that my thoughts about myself and my weight don’t help. So in this journey I won’t just be changing my body I’ll be changing my mind.
  I have tried to get back into running, and working out like I used to, my knee just can’t handle it, so I have to start a bit slower this time around. Do things that are easier on my knee, and still have the same effects. So for now I’m building up muscle to support my joints, before going all out on the cardio.  
I know that it will take a little bit before I see the changes, and I have a journey ahead of me… but I’m going to take it one baby step at a time!! I’m better than I was yesterday!!  I’m not quite brave enough to post a before picture though….

2 thoughts on “And Here I Go {Again}

  1. Its ok weight loss like anything else is a process and sometimes it is hard to get to the place that finally gets you moving! After losing almost 40lbs I am struggling to get back in the swing of things!!You don't have to post the pictures but take them for you! I did post my before pics and am now afraid to see my “now” pics and have not done any updates!! Yikes! You can do this! Because you are strong and this is really hard!!


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