Mason Jar Tumblers – LOVE them!!

Hi my name is Becky, and I’m addicted to Mason Jars!! 
So when I was seeing mason jar tumblers I knew I had to make one!! So I did!! 
The ones I was seeing were too wide for my cupholder, so I found some 24oz jars that fit PERFECTLY!! 
The next task was to find a way to insulate the jar to keep the drink cold, and keep the outside dry, and I did that!!! This sleeve will keep your drink cold for hours, {My ice was still there 2 hours later, in the car, and I live in Arizona!! }

I’ve had such a great response to these that I’m making them available to you!! for only $16 you can have an amazing Mason Jar Tumbler of your own!! I will be posting a pattern to craftsy for the sleeve soon!

If you have an idea or color scheme in mind please 
 I would love to create a jar just for you!!  

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