Meet Nikki from Flora Apothocary {Junk in the Trunk Artisan Feature}

This year Purdy Things is doing something new.. I am going to take part in the Junk in the Trunk Market on November 9th at Westworld in Scottsdale, Arizona. To say I’m excited is a serious understatement!! You haven’t heard of the Junk in the Trunk Market?? Well check them out here
I have decided to feature some of the other vendors from this market! 
Meet Nikki  Wangler of Flora Apothocary

This is what she has to say about her line of beauty products: 

Being in the beauty industry for the past 10 years Ive taken notice that most products on the market contain harsh chemicals. Everything I was buying (even at health food stores) contained toxins.These products are not conducive to the healthy lifestyle I live, and I knew w/my experience I could create something that was actually healthy for my skin. After ordering a few natural ingredients and whipping up some body scrubs, FloraApothecary was born. Flora Apothecary is a clean, all natural, vegan, bath product line. There are no harsh chemicals,parabens,sulfates. FloraApothecary products are made with aromatherapy to heal & rejuvenate the body. Everything is handmade in small batches to ensure quality at my studio in AZ. I like to think of myself as an artisan medicine woman. Ive studied effects of natural oils and aromas and how they affect mood and health, and applied that knowledge into crafting handmade bath products. I am one of only a handful of local crafters that has taken their passion for creating to the next level by offering and distributing a handmade, healthy alternatives to everyday bath necessities. Flora Apothecary was inspired by a love of creating and was motivated by friends and  family who fell in love w/the way they felt after using my products. My mission is not only to bring you an artisan body product line that is clean, simple, and  affordable, but to also add an air of luxury to the everyday cleaning ritual. Im not claiming to have invented soap but I do add splendor to the everyday bar.
go check out her website: 

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