31 Days – Comparison is the thief of {Joy}


Comparison is the thief of joy {Theodore Roosevelt}

He was a wise man wasn’t he?
This is something I find my self doing all to often.  I’m pretty confident that most everyone struggles with this.  We wonder how we measure up to the next person. The irony is that more than likely they are doing the same thing with us, and feeling just as inadequate as we do. 

I’m pretty sure that Theodore Roosevelt got this quote from the last commandment.  Do not covet your neighbor. Don’t want what they have so much that you become jealous.  I know from experience nothing good comes from any jealousy.  People tear each other down, steal, gossip, lie to get what they think they want to should have.   It’s a vicious cycle. 

What can we do about it? It’s in our fleshly nature to compare and desire, but the Holy Spirit is with us to help us to reject that, and to follow in obedience to have the joy of the Lord.  Here are some ways I think we can get rid of the green eyed monster so we can have the freedom and joy that comes from Grace. 
Celebrate and Embrace their strengths
Be inspired and encouraged by their actions
Be happy for their blessings
Pray about the negative feelings

Most of all:
Remember that the Lord made you exactly who you are, and how you are, for a purpose that he had defined way before you were born. He found you so very valuable to his kingdom that he sent his son to die for you.  Remember that when you feel jealousy creeping in, and you will keep your joy, and possibly even make a friend instead of an enemy. 

love always,


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