Choosing Joy


I have heard people ask how do I choose joy? What does that mean?
To choose Joy is to choose to serve Jesus first, Others Second, Yourself last. 
Before I go on I want to say that choosing to serve yourself last does not mean neglecting your needs, or not taking care of yourself. 

Serve Jesus:
Choose to read the Bible, Pray and ask him to show you how to live his commands, desire to do what is holy and brings him glory. Worship him, and serve others.  Wait isn’t that the second letter? Yes yes it is.

Serve Others:
If you see a need, do what you can to fill it.  We have so many opportunities to be the hands and feet of the Lord each day.  Ask the Lord to show them to you what you can do. Sometimes it’s just as simple as holding a door for the person behind you, or a smile to a stranger.

Serve Yourself:  Yes it is Biblical to serve yourself and to take care of yourself, to nourish your relationship with the Lord. Taking time to learn his word, and to share his word.  To serve yourself last means to think of others before you take action. Ask yourself is this how you would want to be treated, or is this glorifying to the Lord?

How have you chosen {Joy}



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