{Sew} Sleep Mask aka I needed better sleep


I had been asked by a friend to make a Super Hero sleep mask for her son.  I made it, and then had to make some for my girls and I to try out… I got the basic pattern here.  It’s a great base for having fun with your imagination.


   I tried a few different types of elastics for the bands, and we discovered that they all work great! These are a bit over sized so they really block the light and using only the softest fabric to touch your face, these are the most comfortable.
   I had never understood why those who used one of these couldn’t live without them.  Now I know! I went right to sleep, I slept really well too!! I decided to look up why these masks work, when worn these masks block out the light, allowing your eyes to see complete darkness, which makes your body create melatonin. Which is known as the sleep hormone. I have read that its been a lifesaver for those with insomnia.  Both of my daughters said they had a more relaxing sleep since they have been wearing the masks.  So I will be making them for my sons too, which means more masculine masks. 
   What do you think of these masks?



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