Don’t worry about tomorrow {easier said than done}


Lately I’ve been searching for verses to help me get through some crazy things in my life.

About a week ago, I just didn’t feel right.  I felt something was way off with my body.  My right side was hurting, I felt pressure in my chest and just felt not ok.  I went to my Dr, who promptly sent me to the ER for suspicion of appendicitis.  My chest was aching, and my side was killing me. CAT scan came back clear… so I was medicated and sent home to see my Dr again the next day.  I was then told I needed to see a GI for my side pain {since there was still pain there and it is tender to the touch} and a Cardiologist since my blood pressure was super high, and my chest pain is getting worse, and I am struggling walking around without making my heart start racing.

I have seen the GI, who wants to run tests, but can’t till the cardiologist gives the green light.  I see the Cardiologist tomorrow.

To say it’s been making me nervous is an understatement.  I’m a bit terrified.  I mean seriously I can’t walk from the kitchen to the couch without my heart hurting and poudning, and what was one more annoying than anything is now quite uncomfortable.  I know you might say that this pain is caused by anxiety.. and I’ll agree that the increase in pain is probably due to the worry.  HOWEVER prior to this, for the last month, I have lived in a pretty darn serene and peaceful world.  My hubby and I found this amazing new respect and appreciation for each other, my kids are awesome, I rekindled with my friends {I had been in a self hibernation} I have dug deeper in the Bible, my work has been smooth… really I was feeling pretty grateful more than stressed.  My only real stress right now is this.  UGH

Ok enough whining… down to the reason I am writing this post.

The Bible says in Matthew 6:34                                                                                                                                    Therefore do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about itself. Each day has enough trouble of its own.

We are meant to give it all to God… And oh I give it to him, but then I take it back… and repeat over and over.  I’ve been focusing on this verse today. Trying so hard to give it to God.  When we worry we show a lack of faith.  I know, ouch! But it’s true.  When I start letting all the what ifs in, I start letting doubt in too.  Now these are real concerns… what if I need to have surgery?  But instead of reminding myself that it is ALL in God’s hands, and all according to his good and perfect will, I add on some more what ifs, and some more worries.  Ugh.

What can we do? I mean seriously… it seems like failure waiting to happen.  I think we can pray, when we start to feel the worries. We can turn to friends for prayer. We can read the word of God.  We can trust that no matter WHAT happens or is going to happen HE is in control, and he makes all things good for those who believe in him.

When we worry we allow Satan to break through and this girl isn’t going to let him win!!



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