Mom to Mom

Mary – The Ultimate Supermom

For unto us a child is born, unto us a son is given Isaiah 9:6Since I was a child I was fascinated by Mary.  I mean WOW she was chosen to be the mother of Gods only son! I became a mother myself and the second I felt that overwhelming love for my son my mind went to Mary.

Imagine this… You are a young girl.  You are a faithful servant of the Lord, you know his laws, you know the prophecy from Isaiah, and then the angel of the Lord comes to YOU and tells you that you are to bear his son. Imagine the million emotions that ran through her.  Then she realizes she has to tell the man she is engaged to that she’s pregnant, but she didn’t cheat on him it’s Gods baby.  {thankfully the Lord intervened and told Joseph to believe her}  I would have been asking God why am I doing this under such scrutiny? She gets very close to her due date and is told she has to travel about 80 miles for a census.  To you and I this seems like a quick day trip, but when you have to walk and ride on a donkey, it’s a few days.  Again, you are largely uncomfortably pregnant, and traveling for days on a donkey through the desert. UGH.  She didn’t complain she did what was needed, she was carrying the son of God.  She gets to Bethlehem, and there are no vacancies.  NONE.  They are offered a stable to give them shelter, and while in this shelter among donkeys and other livestock she gives birth, alone with her husband.  {he must have been one amazing man} I again can’t even fathom what went on in her mind.. She had so much trust and faith in his plan from the beginning.  It astounds me.  Then the shepherds come telling them of the angels, and the wisemen with such extravagant gifts. Each fufilling more and more of the prophecies about Jesus.  And this is just in the first year of his life!!

As a Mama Bear, I struggle with letting God have control of my kids.  I know that the Earth is Gods and everything in it, that includes us, which means my kids aren’t mine, they are Gods.  So when I reflect on Mary,  I wish I could be more like Mary.  I want to have a quiet obedience to my Lord, I want to do what he asks of me without questioning him, I want to have complete trust in Gods plan for my kids, I want to nurture my kids in the way he wants me to so they can be fully equipped to do the work he has ahead for them.

Luke 2:19

Mary Treasured all these things in her heart and always thought about them.

I read this verse and I think that she reflected on this time when it was hard, when it was difficult, and it reminded her of Gods perfect plan, to continue trusting him.  Because HE is the perfect parent.


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