What is the Point of Sew Pray Love Anyways?


You stumbled onto this blog.. who writes it? What is it all about?
I’m Becky, wife to a Lineman, a mama of 4 who loves Jesus.  I am the owner designer of Purdy Things, an online handmade boutique.  As you read more of this blog you will get to know me and my family… we are quite intriguing!!
I started writing this blog well because everyone who makes stuff blogs right?  I have tried to go different ways, but never really put my passion into it.  In 2014 I decided to stop hiding my faith from any social media that had to do with my small business.  I started putting him front and center of all of my business decisions.  This year has been the best year I have had in my business.  Not just in orders, and finances.  I have made some amazing friendships. I have met some wonderful inspiring ladies of God.  So this year I will be blogging about my passions… sewing, praying, loving 🙂

In a couple weeks I will be hosting a Q&A…
if you have any questions for me please comment below.

I can’t wait to get to know you all more in the coming year!!




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