Sew Pray Love {Craft Wars}


Hello!! Welcome to the Sew {Pray} Love Craft Wars!!

What is the SPL Craft Wars, and why would I want to enter?  That is the question I’m sure many of you are asking.

The {SPL} Craft Wars will be a monthly friendly competition, of handmade crafts based on a certain theme. Guest Judges will judge each month.  Why would you want to enter? Why to have fun of course!!! The top ten will be showcased on the blog, facebook,and instagram, with links and tags back to their feeds, pages and or shops.  The 1st, 2nd, and 3rd, will receive not only the joy of getting to say they won, but some awesome goodies too!!

Here are the ins and outs:

1. Do email pictures of your finished project and a blurb about it to SPLCraftWars@purdythings.com
2. Do post to instagram using the hashtag provided on the theme page. {The official start of each month}  tagging, @purdythings, and the guest judges.
3. Only 1 entry per person.
4.  Entries must be received by the 20th of the month.

1. Each month there will be 3 guest judges. When I post the theme post you will be introduced to them. Follow them on instagram, you won’t regret it they are some amazing ladies!! {it is not a requirement though}
2. My 2 daughters and I will choose the top ten, and post them on the 22nd. {comments will be welcome to help the judges decide}
3. The 3 judges will determine the winner, and I will announce it on the last day of the month.

1st place: a prize box with goodies from Purdy Things, and each of the judges.
2nd place:  50% off  one item coupons from Purdy Things and the judges
3rd place:  30% off one item coupon from Purdy Things and the judges

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask 🙂



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