{SPL} Craft Wars January 2015 Theme



Welcome to the first ever Sew {Pray} Love Craft Wars!!

I am so very excited for this to be launching today!! For more details you can find out here

The Theme for January 2015 is…
Shine Your Light

Matthew 5:16
In the same way, let your light shine before others, that they may see your good deeds and glorify your Father in Heaven.

When I was thinking and praying about what the first theme should be, I kept coming back to this verse.   This is my word of 2015. The projects don’t have to be literal, they don’t have to include the words, they just have to be what it means to you. 🙂 Please make sure when you send your entry in to write a few sentences about your entry.

entry email: splcraftwars@purdythings.com
Instagram hastag  #SPLCraftWarsJan2015

Guest Judges:
Lara  @redeemedjewelry on IG


I met her about a year ago, and my life is so much better since then!  Her shop is inspiring, she makes these necklaces that have encouraging, and inspiring verses, and quotes.

Krysti  @hello_cottage on IG

image Krysti makes shabby vintage adorable things.  She organizing instaswaps, and quickswaps but what she is really known for is her amazing spirit.  She is uplifting, courageous, and her unwavering faith is inspirational.


Amanda  @amandainwaiting on IG

2015-01-01 08.58.45








Amanda is just an amazing woman!! she’s creative, she homeschools, she blogs, she follows where the Lord leads her.


4 thoughts on “{SPL} Craft Wars January 2015 Theme

  1. I’m hoping and praying for a spiritual/emotional/mental/physical boost to get this thang started! Life comes so fast. He is so gracious and loving. I want to serve Him whole-heartedly with passion and purpose! Thank you so much for doing this–I’m excited to see what transpires!

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