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What is Your Perspective?

PerspectiveEverything is all about perspective.  Reading the Bible is no exception.  For many years I have read the verses trying to understand what the Lord is trying to teach me.  I get lessons, and encouragement but I was still yearning for a deeper understanding.  The last month I read the Bible from a parenting perspective.  Why?  Well as mom of 4 kids {16,15,14 and 10} I am yearning to be a better parent, my aim is to raise children who become adults who love the Lord, and teach their children about the Lord.  So I decided to read the Bible and seek ways to be a better parent.  I have found myself calmer, more patient, more understand but I have been surprised that I have gotten was so very much more!!

I have gotten to learn about the pure love of my Heavenly Father.  I have gotten to know God in a way I never really did before.  I have referred to him as my heavenly father my whole life, because he created the universe and all in it, including me.  I have always known he is God, and that he loves us so much.  But I guess I always Saw Jesus as my redeemer and savior, and God as his Father.  Like the dad of your best friend?? I didn’t realize this was how I saw him until very recently.  When I started reading the Bible from a parenting perspective I started really seeing God in that father figure role.  Once I started really seeing God as the ultimate father, I started trying to imagine myself as God, {not in an arrogant I am God way}but using how I feel about my children, and my unconditional love and forgiveness for them, and knowing that the world has Gods unconditional love and forgiveness.  I have been able to so much more clearly see just how Gods heart aches for us.  Just how desperate he is for a relationship for us.  He wants to give us wings to share his Glory, He wants to see us thrive and prosper, he will set us straight when we wander, he will comfort us in our time of need, he will pick us up when we fall down, he is ALWAYS there for us.  Everything we as parents want to be for our children, he is that and so so so much more to each and every one of us, because we are his children.

It has changed the way I read the Bible.  How do you read the Bible?? How has it changed you?? I want to hear from you!!


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