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Shine Your Light Embroidery Pattern

Shine Your Light Hand EmbroiderySince this months {Craft Wars} theme is Shine Your Light I couldn’t resist sharing this pattern I created.

what you need:

  • 6 colors of embroidery floss
  • Crewl needles
  • 10’x10′ fabric {I prefer an oatmeal color cotton}
  • 8″ embroidery hoop
  • Piece of scrap fabric {optional}
  • Pom-pom ribbon {optional}
  • sulky fabric transfer markers

I used mainly the backstitch, and the stem stitch for the lettering, and the stems; when it came to the leaves I used the lazy daisy stitch to make each individual one.  The flowers are made from a mix of french knots single stitches in the shape of a flower.  I encourage you to play around and do what you like here.  There is no formula for perfection just the opportunity for creativity, When I was done I wanted to add little more pop, because the friend who is getting this, shines for me. So I added the pom pom ribbon to make it shine a bit more, and the shabby fabric ribbon to add some more dimension. Again this is totally up to you. I want you to make this yours!  Please share with me on instagram @purdythings!!  I can’t wait to see what you make!

How to use printed embroidery patterns:

  • The best way I have found to use the printable patterns is with the Sulky Transfer Pens you trace the reversed pattern, then lay it on your fabric, and dry iron over the paper.  AMAZING its on your fabric, and the pattern can be used multiple times.
  • You can also use a pencil on the fabric pulled tight over the correct facing pattern, and trace the pattern onto the fabric.
  • those are my preferred methods of getting printed patterns onto fabric… what are yours??
Shine your light pattern reversed
Click on Images to save and print

3 thoughts on “Shine Your Light Embroidery Pattern

  1. Love the pom pom border! I recently discovered the frixion pen – I use it to trace my design onto the fabric, and it disappears when the finished piece is ironed. Before that I used water soluble pens, and I’m glad to leave them behind.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. yes the frixion pens have become my besties in my sewing and embroidery!! I can’t live without them!!! The water soluble just didn’t get the job done did they?? Have you tried the clicky ones?


      1. I do have a clicky! When it runs out, I plan to get a non-clicky, because they are refillable. These pens have changed my life!


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