{Craft Wars} Shine Your Light Finalists

Sew Pray Love Craft WarsHere they are!! The finalists of the first Sew Pray Love Craft Wars!!!!

The theme was shine your light.

The verse Matthew 5:16 Let your light shine before others, that they may see your good deeds and glorify your Father in heaven.

I just want to say I was blown away by the talent and creativity that went into each and every one of these projects!! Each one brought a HUGE smile to my face, and what I loved most is that each creator got to take time to make something new and fun this month.  I want this monthly challenge to something that encourages us to create for fun, to create for ourselves or for those we love. Taking time for ourselves to create is a great way to relax and unwind. Who doesn’t need that!! If you can win prizes doing just that too…. why not!

Here are the finalists:


My Etsy shop is called Beautifully Broken Creations and my hope in creating my shop was to tell people that we are all broken (basically a HOT MESS!) but He makes us beautiful through His mercy & grace!
So with that said…I made this little piece to show others that no matter how tattered and broken (the old piece of pallet & vintage spoon) we are…we can (and should) still shine for Him, so others will come to know Him through us! His light can shine bright and seep through our holes and brokenness!


Homeschooling Mama of 4, Lover of Jesus, adoption, Bible Journaling, and Crafting. Amazed by His grace daily.
I made this pillow out of vintage sheets and a re-purposed doily.  The back of the pillow is in a vintage varying yellow stripe pattern.  I freehand embroidered the front of the pillow with let your light shine.


When I first heard the theme “Shine Your Light” I automatically visualized the sun breaking through the clouds. I know a lot of times I feel like I’m hiding in the dark, or life seems dark, but I know I’m not alone and relying on a greater power always helps me see through those times.


My hoop art is quite literal for this month’s theme but I love that verse and had to feature it. Plus, who doesn’t like glitter?! My goal for this peace is to peak interest and deliver the wonderful message in a sparkly and pretty way.


  I designed the cross stitch pattern (my first time) and turned that pattern into a necklace!  The pattern is based off the logo for our churches National Youth Gathering that will be held in New Orleans next summer.  My husband and I serve as gathering planners and we are currently in Louisiana for our first planning meeting.  The gathering holds a very special place in our hearts as it is where we met in in 2001 with 35,000 other teens in attendance! God truly had a plan for us.  We have volunteers at every gathering since!

I made this necklace to be a daily reminder to shine God’s light.  I have already received many comments while wearing it and it gives me an opportunity to share God’s love and tell people about the amazing work the youth have done and will do when we return to NOLA next summer!


Aren’t those entries amazing!! Each one has a great back story.  I don’t envy the job of the judges!!

The winners will be announced January 31, 2015,

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Till next time my Purdies!!! My the Lord be with you! Shine Your Light!!



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