Purdy Things {Love it} Month Happy Mail Box

Purdy Things Love IT Box Monthly Happy Mail

What is a Love it Box?

You will get a sleeve and straw of the month or a zippie of the month, the main item will be exclusive to members and won’t be available for sale out side of the box.  PLUS other goodies from me,  and some from other vendors. Each box will make you happy you signed up!!

I want you to be so happy you say LOVE IT!!

There will be coupons, and one lucky box will have a gift certificate for $25 to Purdy Things in their box! 

All Love It Boxes will be shipped out around the middle of the month.

The Love it will contain at least $40 in goodies!!

Each box is $27 {$20 and $7 shipping}


you can get a 3 month subscription for $75.

Follow @PurdyThings on Instagram, and you will get a preview of the next months exclusive item!! And check out #purdythingsloveitbox

Are you ready to {SIGN UP}

Space is limited


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