February Craft Wars Winners!!!!

2015-02-27 10.29.18Again You amaze me with your talents and creativity!!

The finalists and winners are chosen not only for how amazing the crafts are, but how they speak to the theme.

Here they are:

3rd Place:


I chose to do what I did because the subject was of course “love”. I feel like there are so many different aspects to the word love esp as a believer. I came across these vintage hankies and decided to embroider “my beloved is mine” for two reasons. The first is because I know that I am able to love and be love because He first loved us. He loves us with such a deep unwavering love. I met my husband just as I was becoming a new Christian and it was through Him that I began to discover something true and different. I had been so hurt and damaged by past experiences that it was hard for me to understand the fullness of Gods love for me and my husbands love for me as well.

wpid-photo.jpg2nd Place


I chose to craft  a Matt. 22:37 kind of LOVE  by using old items I have salvaged along the way. The layers in this piece are like all the layers of our own self that we need to give to God. He stands at the door of our heart knocking and holds the key to unlock our happiness! That is the reason for the old doorplate and key along with an accent of red in the embellishments.

wpid-dsc_7010.jpg1st Place!

Lana’s Craft Creations

I designed this button heart to represent all of the different stages of our life and our walk with the Lord. We praise him and love him through it all.

wpid-heart-craft.jpg.jpegCongrats Winners!!!

Be sure to check back on March 1st for the March theme and to meet the guest judges!!


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