SPL Craft Wars: March 2015 Theme

I can’t believe it is March already! This year is moving so fast! But don’t they all seem to go by so fast? We are almost in spring. I’m sure for those of you on the East Coast that isn’t soon enough. I pray you get some warmth soon.

Are you just joining just for Craft Wars?? Welcome!! I hope you join in!!

For more details you can find out {here.}

The Theme for March 2015 is:


“You can’t use up creativity. The more you use, the more you have.” {Maya Angelou}

Genesis 1:1  In the beginning God created the Heavens and the Earth

I really want to see what or who you are inspired by!!

While thinking of the theme for this month, all I could think of was who inspired you to create? For me, it comes from a few places.  Of course I am inspired by the world. God created such a masterpiece. The way it all works together, and the amazing colors in the flowers,and the sunsets. Another is Maya Angelou, I consider her a hero of mine.  Her words have given me courage when I needed it. I am inspired by how she lived her life. She faced many obstacles and seemed to come out of them with such grace, and strength. And how she took her life and used it to impact others.  As an artist Frida Kahlo moves me. She took her pain, depression, and used it to create some beautiful pieces of art.  It’s not traditional beautiful art, it’s real, it’s honest, and it’s inspiring. There are many times I have taken my feelings and emotions and used them to create.  There is nothing that can’t be used for beauty.

Your guest judges have been inspirations for me too. It’s my pleasure to introduce you to them:

2015-02-28 20.11.53Kathy Cano-Murillo  aka The Crafty Chica

If you don’t know who she is… you should.  I had the pleasure of meeting her about 7 years ago at a Craft Show she hosted in Phoenix.  First let me say she loves Glitter!  I knew she loved Frida. She made me curious as to who Frida Kahlo was, and why she was so beloved. I can say she introduced me to one of my greatest inspirations.  Besides that, she is one super talented crafty lady. I mean shes written books, she has an awesome you-tube channel, she is a public speaker, and has a line of craft supplies sold at Michaels. So I was sooooooo fangirl excited when Kathy said yes to guest Judge this month!! Thank you Kathy for inspiring me with your love of art and you creativity!

2015-02-28 20.12.33Molly Rhodes

This girl is a FIGHTER! She has faced some crazy obstacles, with a smile on her face, the love of Jesus, and joy in her heart.  She’s not a handmade shop owner, though she loves handmade. She is the face of our next generation who loves the Lord.  She is the face of a girl who has unwavering faith, and man does she inspire me to keep the joy of the Lord in my heart in all situations. Thank you Molly for inspiring me even though you didn’t know you did!

2015-02-28 20.11.16Melanie Agentis

She is a new friend of mine. She has impacted me in a BIG way.  Her heart for the Lord is beautiful.  She is giving, and caring, she shines his love to all who know her. And WOW she is an artist! Not just with her beautiful hand embroidered vintage pillows, but she is a Bible Journaling Maven! I wish I could journal for the Lord like she does.  I’m journaling more because of her.  I don’t try to draw, but I doodle a bit, and I just give me to the Lord. I give him what I see what I feel and more of me through journaling.  Thank you Melanie for inspiring me to create for the Lord!!

I can’t wait to see what you all create!!!!




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