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Change is in the air… but change is good!

If you know me, you will be able to attest that I am full of ideas. I will run with them all if you let me, and then the important things get neglected.  Sad but true.  In January I started something fun with the Sew Pray Love Craft Wars.  And I was having so much fun with it! Then my friend Krysti and I started Anchors & Feathers. That has been a labor of love and passion.  I have realized I can’t do both.  It didn’t take me long to know that I needed to put more focus on Anchors and Feathers.  More emphasis on doing Gods work, and being his hands and feet.

I will still be posting patterns, and tutorials.  I have decided to start sharing more of my tips for selling handmade and not your soul. I will be sharing stories of hope, and bravery.

I ask you to please pray for these things.  Pray that I listen to Gods guidance.

Thank you all for sticking with me!!




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