{Handmade Selling Tips} Be YOU

comparisonYou have decided to start selling your amazing handmade goodies!! You are so excited. You make a ton of your best items, and put them out there.  Your first go around is a bit less exciting as you thought it would be.  You see others who seem to start of sucessful.. what are you doing wrong? So you take to Etsy, Pinterest and Google to find out just how to be sucessful.  You follow all of the tips listed, make sure listings are clear and descriptive, your pictures show every angle, your price point is right on. {which is all great things} Something is missing… why do these other sellers have more sales? Is their stuff better? What if it’s me? What if… Your mind starts going in a million directions. Many people, myself included have hit this wall.  Some decide to give up. That breaks my heart.  I will be posting tips for selling handmade, but they will be a bit different than what you see everywhere else… Because the books all say the same thing, but forget the most important aspect. YOU.

What causes these people to loose their passion and joy in making? Comparison. I often find myself comparing my success to others and falling short. I have to stop and remember a few things. These are what I want you to ask yourself and remember.

1. What is success to you? We all dream of becoming millionaires from selling handmade. To be the next success story on Shark Tank. But lets be realistic here, what will you need to see happen in order to define your business successful? Then measure your self to THAT standard. No one elses.

2. Why did you decide to sell your creations in the first place? I just love making to make things.  I would get asked often where I got something and I would say oh I made it, and from the suggestion of others, I started selling my goods.  I have made and sold many different items. From checkbook covers, to scrapbook pages, crochet items and patterns, to sewn goods. Whatever makes me happy is what I make.  When we compare our abilities we forget our why.

3. Remember that your beginning, is someone elses middle, or finish line.  We all have to start somewhere.  We all have to pay our dues.  For most of us success is hard earned. But when we get the little victories we can celebrate them, when we don’t compare them.

Theodore Roosevelt is who said that “Comparison is the thief of Joy” It is so very true, when you compare your self to others, you only hurt you, and dim the creative light inside of you.  Don’t give up! You make awesome things and that is why you are selling them!! You have something to offer the world!




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