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Perspective: there is no shame in Depression 


Oh how I am so very tired of people in the church making people with depression feel like it’s their fault and that their faith is weak. Most people with depression are survivors of abuse, absentee parents, violence, and things out of their control.  Weak my butt My faith is so much stronger because of my depression. I know what hope in the Lord does for me. I know I would NEVER have chosen this battle for myself or my son. I don’t wish this war against Satan on anyone. Christians with depression know that it’s only through Gods might we get through the hard days. The church needs to stop shaming people with depression and start helping them. I’m so disgusted that in this day and age there is still such a stigma that prevents people from getting the help they need. Depression is not a sin, it’s not about to appreciating Gods gifts and blessings, not about a lack of trust in the Lord, or belief in his ultimate power, it’s an everyday war against Satan. Please pray for and embrace those who speak up about their struggles, because they are the ones who can help others with an understanding and compassion that only comes from God. 

Love you all! 


Roman 8:28 


4 thoughts on “Perspective: there is no shame in Depression 

  1. I really liked what you said about your faith being stronger because of your depression. I’ve never really thought about it in those terms before…viewing it as an opportunity for Him to step in and let us rely on Him to make us more dedicated to His kingdom. Excellent food for thought! I’m going to crunch on that for a while 🙂

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