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Pineapple Paradise

 PineappleParadise My youngest is obsessed with pineapples right now!! She’s got pineapple shirts, socks, pajamas, earrings…

I even designed this mason jar for her!

It’s available {here}

Pineapple Mason Jar from Purdy Things

So recently we had the week alone, while the older 3 were off to CIY with our church. She asked if I could help her sew a pineapple backpack she found on pinterest… getting crafty with my little? Why of course I will. Our finished product is in the top picture.. she loves it, and I had fun teaching her to sew and how to read a pattern. One step at a time. She is like me, if I look at a pattern as a whole I will get overwhelmed, but if I do it one step at a time I get it no problem.

Here is where I got this awesome pattern for the Backpack

      {Click on the Picture}


happy sewing!!




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