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Guard Your Heart Proverbs 4:23 – Free Printable

 Guard Your Heart Above All Else, For it Determines The Course Of Your Life Proverbs 4 23This is a verse that is on my mind a lot.  I have a great friend who said

“What you are filled with is what you pour out when you are bumped”

 I am always doing a heart check, especially when I have those bad days, you know the ones when you are snapping at everyone, and just the sound of breathing irritates you.  I have to stop and pray, asking the Lord to show me what is filling my heart.  Guarding my heart to me means not allowing myself to dwell in anger, frustration, hurt, and unforgiveness.  In those times I have learned to revert my focus back on the Lord.  Back on his promises, back on his unconditional love, and his gift of salvation.  When I praise the Lord for all of these things, I can’t stay in a negative place.  The joy of the Lord over comes those feelings.  Don’t get me wrong there are days I have to be in constant battle with Satan, and i’ts not easy to keep coming back to the Word and his promises, but I promise he is there with me. Reminding me he’s already defeated Satan.  There is hope in him who heals and restores.

Guarding our heart sometimes means having to make hard decisions and eliminating the toxic people and things in our life.  Toxic things can be something like changing the books we read, or the movies we watch, the language we use, the things we like and support on social media.  There are many things that can fill our hearts with anything but the Joy of the Lord.  We as Christ followers have to be diligent in protecting our hearts from these things. And in prayer that God will reveal these things to us.

As a mother and wife, I have found that the more joy I have the more joy my family has.  We are to be intentional in how we teach our kids to walk in the faith.  They are watching everything we do. I have found that with my kids especially with Ryan who battles depression like I do, when I their attention back to God they are instantly calmer and more at peace. It’s been a hard road for me to learn to do this, I’m still working on making this a habit, my hope and prayer is that for my kids they have this as a habit before they go on their own.

I hope you enjoy this printable, and use it as a reminder to keep joy in your heart.





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