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Living in the Shadows

  We never would think that living in a shadow is a good thing. We are always taught to never live in anyone shadow.  But what about the Lord? That is one shadow that gives perfect refuge.  Living in Arizona, I have learned the value of shade.  This verse just gives me a visual of a deep dry desert, with the hot wind blowing the parched tumbleweeds.  No water in sight.  Off in the distance you see a beautiful, lush, green tree. The color is so bright you might think it’s a mirage.  You go to this tree, and it’s very real, under this tree you find food water, and shade from the unending burning sun. You wonder how you deserve this but don’t question it, because you are so grateful.

That is our life without Jesus, we are wandering in a hot vast desert.  Desperate for water, food and shade from the sun burning hot with sin, temptation, and regret. Then we find Jesus, he is the perfect Oasis in the world of sin.  He welcomes us loves us unconditionally, gives us grace and mercies new every day.  No we didn’t do anything to deserve this oasis, and this gift of salvation, but it is ours. We get to live in the shadow of the Almighty. Thankful.




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