being intentional · faith

How he loves us…

He will delight in you. That part always gets me. We often see God as our judgement. He sees all, that is true. But he doesn’t skip over us when we are obedient to him. He delights in us, he rejoices over our hearts desire to pursue him. He is mighty to save us from ourselves, and he quiets our anxieties with his love. He is more than just our creator. He is our Heavenly Father who wants a relationship with us. He sent Jesus as a man, a human, not just so he can conquer death, or teach about salvation. But to show us that he knows what pain is, he understands loss, he knows what betrayal and persecution feels like. He knows what we go through here on earth. He wanted us to know that he gets what we are going through in our lives, because of his extreme love for us. His love is deeper, and stronger than we could ever begin to understand.

I am in awe.


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