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Courageous Faith

I don’t know enough, I’m not faithful enough, I’m not qualified, I don’t pray enough, I don’t read my Bible enough… These are the lies Satan tells us in order to scare us from spreading the word of God. God shows us time and time again in the Bible that he can and will use everybody. I think the best example of that is Paul. How quickly I forget his beginnings because of his ending. He murdered Christians for their faith. He was part of an Isis equivalent. We read about his great transformation. We don’t hold his past against him. Jesus forgave him and gave him so much responsibility and such a great task of leading the early church. Why is it we think that God can’t do the same for us? He can do infinitely more than we ask or imagine through the power of the Holy Spirit. We don’t have to be perfect, we don’t have to have a perfect past, we don’t have to have it all together. We just need to have courageous faith. What is holding you back from going out boldly and Sharing Jesus?


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