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{31 Days} Jesus is understanding


Sitting with a friend who has been through what you are going through is one of Gods greatest gifts.  A gift he originally gave us in Jesus. You may be asking me what I’m talking about but bear with me. 

When Jesus came to us as a human, he came as a baby. He wasn’t born into ritches. He was born to a working class man. Raised as a carpenter. I’m sure he wasn’t the most popular kid in school. He came this way so we know he can identify with us. His life wasn’t an easy 

When we feel betrayed, Jesus can tell us. Oh my friend I know how awful that feels, and I know it isn’t easy to forgive but forgiveness is the only way.  When we feel the sorrow of loss, he says I grieve with you. I know what it’s like to loose someone you love, I lost John the Baptist when he was beheaded. Jesus experience the full range of human emotions, he remained sinless. He is God, and yet he was scared. He begged the Lord to change his will about what he had to do. Saying please Lord take this cup from me but not my will be done. He was sweating blood. I’ve been terrified before but I have never sweat blood. So when I’m scared and he is comforting me. I know it will be ok. I know that he knows my heart, he knows my thoughts and that he has felt them too.

 I don’t believe he came here just to lead a perfect life. I believe he came to experience life, so when we come to him full of emotions he understands.  That’s how much we are treasured and loved.  


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