{31 Days} Jesus Saves


Finish this sentence:
Jesus saved me from…

For me this sentnce goes like this. Jesus saved me from myself. 

I have lived with depression and anxiety since I was about 12/13.  Around 16 I gave up on God.  I felt he had stopped caring about me, and so why bother? I lived a pretty destructive life.  No self control, No self respect.  After I got divorced from my first husband I felt a pull back to church.  However being a young single mom, I was terrified of the judgement.  Once I met my husband, I said something to hime about wanting to go to church, and take the kids.  He was all for it, so to church we went. It wasn’t until about a year later I really felt God talking to me.  I came running back to him.  My marriage got stronger, my kids were happier, my heart found peace, and my soul found rest.  Giving my life back to Jesus meant surrendering to him.  Letting go of control, letting him be my teacher and my provider.  Don’t get me wrong,  I still struggle with depression and anxiety.  When I give it to God my thoughts become clearer.  I am able to deal with it with grace.

So what has Jesus saved you from??



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