Fighting the Bullies Gods Way

IMG_7578This year my youngest daughter started 6th grade.  She has made a couple really good friends, and I really had hope that this was the year that she was able to be left alone by the mean girls. However I was sadly mistaken.  For the last couple weeks she has come home in tears. There are 2 girls in her class that are just nasty.  Her teacher has sent emails to the parents, and talked to these girls.  My heart breaks for Amber.  She has her faults, she is a bit quirky, and artistic.  She is however kind to a fault.  Someone could hit her, and then drop their papers and Amber would help them pick up the papers.  She is one of those walking examples of loving your neighbor and your enemies.  I’m so very proud of her for her heart.

So like any parent I started researching the best ways to stop the bullying. I found some resources for the classroom, and I passed the ideas to her teacher. (I will link to them at the bottom of this post) I stopped and prayed.  Begging the Lord to help me find a way to help Amber.  He answered me right away.  I was going about it all wrong.  To help her, I have to reinforce her heart.

How do we fight bullies? We take away their power to hurt. When they learn they are no longer effective they either stop, or they move on.  Now of course we need to make sure that teachers and administration are aware.  We need to teach our children to walk away from the offenders.  But the best way to fight back, is to hold on to the value that God has given each one of us.  He found each and every person so valuable that he sent his son to die for us.  Remind our children that they are children of the King.  They are more valuable than they can even imagine.  We teach them to believe in themselves. The stronger their self value is, the more armor they have against these attacks.  They can learn to let the words and thoughts of someone roll of their back.

What did we do this morning to fight back Gods way? We prayed this morning, for her teacher, for the bullies, for their families, and for Amber to be strong and courageous.  I had her list 5 things she really loves about herself, but it couldn’t be based on appearances.  Then we read and talked about this verse this morning. We will be doing similar things every day.

Here are some of the resources I found and will be using:

If you have some other resources, I would love to see them!

Please pray for the bullies, and those who are bullied.  Lets stop this epidemic with love and prayer, not retaliation.





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