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Blessed are those who mourn…

For a long time that verse didn’t make sense.  I mean how can I be blessed when I’ve lost a loved one?   Then I lost my Papa February 8th.  My first best friend.  The man who taught me to read, who kissed all my owies, who spoiled me, who read me stories every night. The greatest lesson he taught me was about Jesus, and how much Jesus loved me.  My papa was the example of Gods love in my life.  Always supporting and loving me unconditionally.   The pain I felt when I found out he had gone home to the Lord, was indescribable.  No way I could be blessed during this time.  I was wrong.  God is so much bigger than the biggest pain.

I am starting to smile when I think of him more than cry.  I can sing worship songs and know he is singing them too, but now he is singing them at the feet of Jesus.  This Easter I felt so rejuvenated.  I was sad at first. This was the first Easter without him, then it hit me, this is his first Easter with Jesus.  He is with Jesus because of Easter.  He loved Easter because it was the foundation of our faith.  I was happy because I knew he was celebrating with Jesus.  Isn’t that what we look forward to? An eternity with Jesus?  That is what my papa is doing right now. I miss him so much, but I am finally coming to peace with his loss.  God has comforted me, with his promises, the promise of everlasting life, means my Papa is there.  That there gives me comfort.




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